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This website aims to tell you all about Paul Yiend, a web developer specialising in dev-ops.

Paul has been involved in web development for 21 years, in a range of different sectors. For the past 11 years he has worked for http://timble.net who specialise in providing open source components for Joomla! and WordPress.

My primary job has been to help make our developers more efficient developing code.

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  • I've been involved in winter sports since 1992, snowboarder for 23 years
  • President of the University of Sheffield Snowboard Society
  • Creator of the Sheffield Hallam University SHU-SNO Society
  • Instructor since 2003
  • Creator of https://swiss.snowboard.social
  • Keen snowboard video editor, experimental video and drone footage
  • Part of a activist group to rebuild the Sheffield Ski Village


  • Recipes are the original open sourced knowledge, discuss?
  • I enjoy my time away from the laptop trying new dishes
  • Combining the tastes and smells from my travels
  • Makes a mean chocolate fondant
  • Avid Masterchef fan