Swiss snowboard Social

When you are spending a season in a ski resort, what do you do? Invite your friends

So I'm very lucky, I get to work from where ever in the world I choose. Although I've not really taken advantage of this much, Brexit was a catalyst to change this and experience working and living in a Ski Resort.

The pieces of the jigsaw started to fall into position the previous year, where I joined an old friend from the Ski Village for a week's snowboarding holiday in March. The location (Vissoie) and the accommodation I was staying in was a first for me. A cabane on the side of the mountain!

I enjoyed the holiday so much, myself and my partner went back to Vissoie in May when a similar cabane came on the market, we snapped it up immediately and started to plan how we would redecorate and make it more like home. Come November we were back over again to complete these works.

So the was born, well if I was going to be out there I was sure as hell going to invite my friends so they could experience the same great location that I fell in love with.